Fuselli Shoulder Straps


“All straps shown here are made of real leather with velvet padding. Linings available: Real leather, Alcantara, Imitation leather. Various lengths available for each model, please inquire.”

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fuselli accordions for sale


Width: 110 mm Incl. Back Strap”
Width: 100 mm Incl. Back Strap”
“Elefante/10 N
Width: 100 mm Neck Shaped. Incl. Back Strap”
Width: 90 mm Incl. Back Strap”
” Elefante/8
Width: 80 mm Incl. Back Strap”
Width: 70 mm”
With VELCRO Width: 70 mm”
Width: 60 mm”
Width: 45 mm”
Width: 45 mm”
Width: 45 mm”



fuselli accordions for sale

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America-R, America-S, America-XS, Elefante/10, Elefante/10 N, Elefante/11, Elefante/8, Lusso, Professionale, Svezia


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